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provide essential informations for the network operators in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the transmission network optimizing the network control algorithms..

Technologies: Distributed Temperature Sensor

Description: The transmission capacity of a power cable link is mainly limited by the maximum temperature that this cable can withstand. In order to prevent unexpected premature power cable breakdowns, networks operator can exploit the information provided by DTS system capable to measure the temperature along the entire cable route, giving thus information on real time dynamic loadability of the high voltage cable line. The solution is based on multimode or single mode optical fibers which are laid simultaneously with the power cable and our DTS control unit within the remote control room typically connected to a SCADA system to provide useful information to the network operators. Thanks to both: the fiber position placed in close proximity to the conductors and the possibility to measure the cable temperature profile with high accuracy and meter scale spatial resolution, the monitoring system provides unprecedented response time for hot spots detection and load conditions information allowing the operators to optimize the use of their network resources.


INFIBRA TECHNOLOGIES Srl is engaged in designing and manufacturing of next-generation fiber optic sensors systems, while also offering engineering services. Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Civil Engineering are our target markets, with solutions even suitable for harsh environments. Monitoring of temperature, vibration, deformation, or other chemical-physical parameters through a single optical fiber are our typical applications and FBGs, Raman, Brillouin and Rayleigh are our technologies.

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