Track Record

bandiereINFIBRA TECHNOLOGIES offered engineering services since its establishment in 2014, contributing to the expansion of optical fiber sensors systems in civil and industrial application fields. With the development of its own engineered solutions and with well established third-party fiber optic sensing technologies, it has provided innovative solutions to industries operating in Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation and Civil Engineering, but also to worldwide top-class research centers.


Year Field Project Technology Note
2019 Transportation Smart Components FBG
2019 Oil & Gas Gas Pipeline Monitoring System DTS
2019 Energy Power Plant High Temperature Monitoring FBG  
2019 Oil & Gas Asset Performance Management FBG
2018 Transportation Predictive Maintenance FBG
2018 Transportation Machine Condition Monitoring FBG
2018 Oil & Gas Asset Perfomance Management FBG
2017 Aerospace Thermal Control FBG  
2017 Oil & Gas Asset Perfomance Management FBG
2016 Oil & Gas Asset Performance Management FBG
2015 Oil & Gas Asset Performance Management FBG  
2014 Civil Engineering Geotextile Grid Monitoring FBG
2014 Science High Radiation Site Monitoring
2014 Oil & Gas Asset Performance Management FBG


INFIBRA TECHNOLOGIES Srl is engaged in designing and manufacturing of next-generation fiber optic sensors systems, while also offering engineering services. Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Civil Engineering are our target markets, with solutions even suitable for harsh environments. Monitoring of temperature, vibration, deformation, or other chemical-physical parameters through a single optical fiber are our typical applications and FBGs, Raman, Brillouin and Rayleigh are our technologies.

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